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Introducing PODlife Protein PODs - the new way to buy and consume protein powder on the go. Simply load a POD into the PODlife POD Shaker, add water and activate for the perfect serve of protein, wherever you are.
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Dedicated to being Faster Better, Stronger – Team PODlife is committed to making it easier to find and consume quality sports nutrition on the go.

Our pursuit for perfection in sports nutrition started back in 2011 out of need – there was no convenient method for buying high quality single serve powder at gyms or when on the go. We wanted to change the game!

We wanted to create the ultimate! The ultimate tasting, freshest and efficient protein product available.

We’ve spent years in research and development making sure that PODlife is the most advanced sports nutrition concept and powder that your money can buy.

We operate and manufacture out of our facility in Los Angeles, California.

We’re pumped to have you on this journey with us – this is just the beginning.


We’re focussed on delivering a huge range of powdered nutrition PODs to our customers, both within our own range of powders and by working with other leading brands.

Incoming PODs:

  • Vegan Protein
  • Superfoods
  • BCAAs & Pre-workouts
  • Weight-loss & Meal Replacement

Got an idea for a new POD range? We’d love to here it.

We’re open to working with other brands, products or partnering with key strategics in nutrition or consumer brands and products with a focus on health and fitness.  Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Online Store Launching Soon